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Cricket Bats

Utilising fine English Cricket Bat Willow sourced from Willow Blue Australia, each de Lacy Cricket bat is meticulously crafted for superior results.

Accredited Bat Maker

Introducing Clare Johnston

Clare’s journey into the world of cricket started at an early age, going to Test matches with her dad. 

Years later, she answered a call to revive the age-old tradition of cricket bat making, receiving training from Ian Callen, a well-respected ‘pod shaver’. Clare was the first female trained by Ian in March 2015, and proudly continues the tradition from her workshop in South Gippsland, Victoria. 

Through her Bat Women Project, Clare is also dedicated to providing tailored solutions for female players. Her focus lies in creating bats that offer optimal weight, lift, and balance, empowering cricketers to feel in control and guide the ball with precision.

de Lacy handmade cricket bats during the construction process

Custom Bats

Recognised for their exceptional quality and rebound properties, de Lacy custom bats are a showcase of Clare’s skill and attention to detail.

Clare Johnston of de Lacy cricket bat measuring a cricket bat for a Melbourne-based client

Bat Repairs

de Lacy cricket offers a range of services to enhance the performance and longevity of your cricket bat.

A finished de Lacy bat laying in the grass - ready to be sent to it's new owner in Gippsland

Bat Care

Australian climatic conditions are harsh, so it’s important to take care of your cricket bat so it performs for years to come. 

Why choose a de Lacy bat?

Cricket Bat Icon


Each bat is individually handcrafted by Clare, an accredited cricket bat maker.

Australian Sourced Willow Icon


Bats are crafted from Willow Blue Australia's English Cricket Bat Willow

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By purchasing a handmade bat, you are helping sustain the tradition of bat-making.

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Clare ensures that every bat meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

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Clare is proud to be a female bat maker in a traditionally male-dominated craft.

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Bats can be shipped across the globe. Pricing available on request.

A wedge tailed eagle soaring in the sky - a significant symbol for the de Lacy clan - photo by Geoff Park

Vale Denis de Lacy

I’d like to pay my respects to my Uncle Denis who recently passed away. He had a great love of cricket and music, and a cheeky sense of humour. He loved a good story and it was lovely to hear stories about my Dad and Denis’ father Hec, and how Hec often gave my father Denis’ cricket gear, not always when it was ready to be handed on! 

It was Uncle Denis who graciously allowed me to use the de Lacy name – I hope we will do you proud!

Clare Johnston at her workshop in South Gippsland proudly holding two of her handmade cricket bats

In the News

Embark on Clare Johnston’s journey as she’s highlighted across diverse Australian media outlets, from Channel 7’s inspiring feature to ABC News’ insightful pieces, showcasing her dedication to revolutionising women’s cricket and crafting top-quality cricket bats in Gippsland.

Clare Johnston participating in training to refine her cricket bat making skills