Clare’s journey into the world of cricket started at an early age, going to Test matches with her dad. At the age of 14 she found a women’s cricket team and found she had a knack for batting and had a particular talent for wicket keeping. At this time she met the former Australian Cricketer, Ian Callen, who owned the local sports store. Ian recognised Clare’s potential and arranged for her to receive specialised training from an English teammate, honing her wicket keeping skills even further.


Years later, Ian initiated a call across Australia to revive the age-old tradition of cricket bat making. A well respected ‘pod shaver’ himself, Ian wanted to share the craft so that people across Australia could support their local clubs and communities. Clare stepped up to the challenge, becoming the first female trained by Ian in March 2015. Now actively engaged in playing cricket again, Clare is thrilled to share her love for the sport, especially with other women and girls. Keep an eye out around the club and throughout Gippsland and Melbourne for bats crafted by de Lacy Cricket.

Portrait of Hec de Lacy, who inspired Clare Johnston's love for the art of cricket bat making

The de Lacy Name

The name ‘de Lacy Cricket’ pays homage to Clare’s great Uncle Hector (Hec) de Lacy, a renowned sports journalist from the 1940s. Hec was Clare’s father’s mentor and instilled a profound love for the game to him, which he passed on to Clare. The name not only honours Hec’s legacy but also celebrates the strong de Lacy women who embody grace alongside an unwavering sense of respect and dignity.

The Wedge Tail Eagle

The Eagle holds significance within the de Lacy clan, featuring prominently in their family crest. As a symbol of strength and honour, Clare has chosen the Wedge Tailed Eagle to serve as Clare’s tribute to her family heritage. Incorporating this majestic bird into her brand reflects Clare’s commitment to upholding the values it represents.

Image courtesy of Geoff Park

An adult wedge tailed eagle soaring in the sky - a significant symbol for the de Lacy clan - photo by Geoff Park



Clare thanks all those who have supported and encouraged her to start this venture particularly family and friends.  She especially would like to thank Ian and Susan Callen for their generosity of spirit and enthusiasm for all the ‘pod shavers’.

​Clare would also like to thank Geoff Park for the use of his images of the Wedge Tailed Eagles.