Bat Repairs


Bat Repairs

de Lacy cricket offers a range of services to enhance the performance and longevity of your cricket bat.

These include sanding the face and edges to remove light blemishes and applying a light oil treatment, a full bat sanding and cleaning service, and the application of Extratec for added protection.

Additionally, we provide handle re-binding, including re-gripping. Our knocking-in service ensures your bat is game-ready, though further preparation may be required. For more extensive refurbishments, we offer handle replacement, re-stickering, and re-gripping.

Clare Johnston of de Lacy cricket bat measuring a cricket bat for a Melbourne-based client

Custom Works

Customised services are available upon request. Simply email us your details and provide photos of your bat for an obligation-free quote. Our repairs typically take around 2 weeks to complete.


  • Sand Face and Edges ($40)

    Removes light blemishes and includes light oil treatment.

  • Full Bat Sanding and Clean ($75)

    Comprehensive cleaning, removing light blemishes, and includes light oil treatment.

  • Extratec Application ($25)

    Enhanced protection application.

  • Re-binding Handle ($50)

    Includes re-gripping for improved grip and comfort.

  • Knocking In of Bat ($80)

    Pre-game preparation for optimal performance (further preparation may be required).

  • Handle Replacement ($130)

    Includes re-stickering and re-gripping for a refreshed look and feel.