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Clare Johnston in The Media

Embark on Clare Johnston’s journey as she’s highlighted across diverse Australian media outlets, from Channel 7’s inspiring feature to ABC News’ insightful pieces, showcasing her dedication to revolutionising women’s cricket and crafting top-quality cricket bats in Gippsland.

A finished de Lacy bat laying in the grass - ready to be sent to it's new owner in Gippsland

Meet the Aussie mum changing women’s cricket in her backyard shed

In January 2023, Channel 7 featured an inspiring story on their platform, shedding light on the remarkable journey of Clare Johnston, an Aussie mum revolutionising women’s cricket from her backyard shed.

Steve Smith's milestone and the female bat pioneer

Tune in to the January 7th, 2023 episode of the BBC ‘Stumped’ podcast to catch an engaging discussion about Steve Smith’s milestone and the groundbreaking work of a female bat pioneer. Skip to the 21-minute mark to hear more about Clare Johnston’s impact.

Preparing to fit the handle to a custom measured adult cricket bat in the de Lacy workshop
Clare Johnston at her workshop in South Gippsland proudly holding two of her handmade cricket bats

Gippsland women's cricket bat maker Clare Johnston providing options for female athletes

Reporter Kerrin Thomas of ABC News shared an insightful piece on January 2nd, 2023, highlighting Clare Johnston’s contributions to women’s cricket bat making in Gippsland.

Crafting the finest blades

Discover Clare Johnston’s dedication to crafting the finest cricket blades in Gippsland through a captivating article featured in Gippslandia.

The custom made bat after Clare Johnston has fitted the handle to the cleft
de Lacy handmade cricket bats during the construction process

Clare is a master of a classic craft

On February 25th, 2022, the Latrobe Valley Express Newspaper hailed Clare Johnston as a master of her craft, celebrating her expertise in creating classic cricket bats.

Making cricket bats for holy cause helps resurrect Victorian industry

Witness Clare Johnston’s passion for making cricket bats for a cause in a heartfelt feature by ABC News on September 2nd, 2015.

Clare Johnston participating in training to refine her cricket bat making skills